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Lewistown Peace Seekers is a group of diverse, local citizens with a vision of a better world. We, the people of Lewistown Peace Seekers commit ourselves to work for a world in which non-violent conflict resolution replaces war, and where human rights, social and economic justice and ecological sustainability are realized by all. Through educating ourselves and our community we work toward a world that children and adults everywhere can call home without facing war, famine, torture and economic exploitation. We truly believe that all the world’s problems can be resolved through peaceful, nonviolent, win-win solutions. Our desire is to promote and spread this belief and encourage this attitude throughout the community of Lewistown and beyond.


Lewistown Peace Seekers will work to promote a culture of peace and compassion.


  • Hold regular Peace Vigils
  • Education through
    • Schools
    • Churches
    • Civic Organizations
  • Film presentations
  • Peace dinners
  • Distribute brochures and flyers
  • Newspaper articles