Jul 292014

Please join Bozeman Friends of Palestine in a nonviolent protest of Israel’s merciless, illegal, unjustified assault on Gaza on Thursday, July 31.

As of this writing, the Palestinian death toll in Gaza has reached at least 1,050, over 80% civilians, including at least 230 children. Also, 9 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank over the weekend by soldiers and settlers. Israel says 43 of its soldiers and three civilians have died. More than 180,000 Palestinians have displaced since this three-week massacre began. Read more here:

Free Palestine! Stop the Bombing! End the Siege Now!

  • Thursday, July 31
  • 12 noon till 2pm
  • Rouse and Main, downtown Bozeman

Bring your signs, information sheets, and/or just your spirit of solidarity!