Jun 102022
Alison Weir

Join us on June 16, 6:00 pm MDT, with Alison Weir, Executive Director of If Americans Knew, as she speaks on “What is the Israel lobby, and how is it damaging Americans?”

This live event will be held in Helena, Montana at the Lewis & Clark Library, 120 S Last Chance Gulch.

Journalist and Historian Alison Weir is Executive Director of If Americans Knew (https://www.ifamericaknew.org/) and President of the Council for the National Interest (https://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/), both of which are co-sponsors of this June 16th Zoom event along with Helena SERPAJ. Weir also edits the Israel-Palestine News: https://israelpalestinenews.org/

Alison Weir’s book Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel (https://againstourbetterjudgment.com/) documents the history of the Israel lobby in the US and discusses the root of the current violence in Israel-Palestine, the distorted media coverage of the region, and why US taxpayers continue to send Israel $10.5 million in military aid every day (https://ifamericansknew.org/stat/usaid.html#pal).

More about Alison Weir and If American Knew (IAK) at:

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Jul 042019

Dear Peace Action supporter,

This time of year, particularly with a holiday coming up, you and I ought to be enjoying some well-deserved summer relaxation, out there barbecuing and swimming 

But the military-industrial complex never sleeps. 

We just narrowly averted a war with Iran. A war that is still on the horizon. 

Can you email your House representative Gianforte in the  today and ask that he vote to stop endless wars?

After last week’s vote in the Senate to block Trump from going to war with Iran, we have another bite at the congressional apple as the House National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) comes to the floor. This must-pass bill allows us to attach language that shows Trump that there is no appetite for war with Iran here in the U.S.

The House will take up the bloated National Defense Authorization Act next week. Out of the over 600 amendments to the bill, several would reduce spending and set important policy. One amendment we want you to push your reps to support is the bipartisan effort by Reps. Khanna (D-CA) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL), which prohibits unauthorized military force against Iran. We are asking members of the House to cosponsor and then vote for the amendment.  

In addition to that critical effort, we are asking House representatives to:

  • Support any measures to reduce the wasteful and bloated Pentagon budget
  • Support all measures that would help end our nation’s “endless wars”

Votes are expected to happen next week but since it takes a couple days for emails to get tallied please send an email to your representative today. 

The amendment on Iran specifies that Congress is willing to use its power of the purse — war funding — to block military action by defunding that use of force. If we can get a strong enough vote, it puts Trump on notice that he can’t go to war without a big, politically costly fight with Congress. We need to make sure that we get the type of Congressional opposition that was not there in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Luckily, it only takes a few moments to take action. So you can still get out and enjoy the summer … after helping to stop a war. 

Thanks for all your efforts for a more peaceful world, 


Jon Rainwater
Peace Action