Oct 182023
  • When: Saturday, October 21, Noon
  • Where: Missoula County Courthouse
  • What: Demonstration to demand immediate ceasefire in Palestine
  • Sponsored by: Montanans in Solidarity with Palestine

The situation in Palestine has escalated toward full-blown genocide. Three-thousand Palestinians are dead and more than a million people are nearing starvation.

Please come out Saturday, Oct. 21, at noon (12pm) to the Missoula County Courthouse to demand an immediate ceasefire, an end to the occupation, and a free Palestine. If you know anyone else who cannot stay silent, bring them; we are aiming to send a loud, clear call for justice.

This event is sponsored by Montanans in Solidarity with Palestine, Montanans proud to stand with the Palestinian people in their quest for justice.

Support solidarity with both Palestinian and Israeli people for their suffering and loss. Do not support solidarity with the political entities that supposedly represent them.

To learn more about the context for this recent violence, we encourage you to check out the following links:

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