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As we reach the 20th anniversary of the illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq, the documentary War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death is getting renewed attention.

The film takes a blistering look at how U.S. media outlets from Fox News to MSNBC enthusiastically disseminated propaganda and helped sell wars that would directly kill thousands of American troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan people. This documentary is based on the acclaimed book by Norman Solomon, and narrated by Sean Penn.

Register for the event at:

You can join us for the free livestream screening of War Made Easy March 20 at 4:45 MDT (6:45 pm EDT). If you are unable to attend the screening, you can watch the film in advance here:
And then join us for the live panel presentation at 6:00 pm MDT (8 pm EDT) for the live panel discussion.

The panel will include:

  • Kathy Kelly, President of the Board of World BEYOND War and co-coordinator of Ban Killer Drones.
  • Dennis Kucinich, former U.S. Congressman.
  • David Swanson, campaign coordinator of RootsAction and Executive Director of World BEYOND War.
  • Norman Solomon, national director of RootsAction and author of War Made Easy, the book that the documentary was based on.
  • India Walton, senior strategic organizer with RootsAction Education Fund and director of Roots Action Civic Engagement in Buffalo.
  • Marcy Winograd, coordinator of CodePink Congress and co-chair of the Peace in Ukraine Coalition.

Some comments about the War Made Easy film:

  • Howard Zinn: “Superb”
  • San Francisco Chronicle: “Searing”
  • The Nation: “Chilling”
  • Variety: “Damning”
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: “Sobering and more than a little scary”
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian: “Horror and humor commingle”
  • An Inconvenient Truth editor Jay Cassidy: “A tour de force”

This screening and panel are cosponsored by Helena Service for Peace and Justice. Cosponsors of the Defuse Nuclear War coalition are listed here.

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