Mar 152021
  • Event: Initial meeting of a regional campaign to stop the new nuclear missile, the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent
  • Date: Thursday, March 18
  • Time: 7:30pm Eastern; 6:30 Central; 5:30 Mountain (Montana); 4:30 Pacific

Hello Friends from Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado, and California,

I write to convene an initial Zoom organizing meeting for a regional campaign (as part of the broader national effort) to stop the new ICBM, the Ground-Based Deterrent System or GBSD.

All of your states are impacted and will be part of the missile program as you know, and we can also work to identify partners in North Dakota and other states in the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain region.

  • MO — Non-nuclear parts will presumably be manufactured at the Kansas City Plant.
  • NE, WY, CO, MT, ND — Missiles to be deployed there, replacing the Minutemen III missiles.
  • UT — Northrop Grumman has built a new HQ for the GBSD program there, and the solid rocket fuel system will presumably be tested in Utah as well.
  • CA — As with all US ICBMs, the missile will be flight tested out of Vandenberg Air Force Base, launched toward Kwajelein Atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

I see this as an initial organizing meeting to gauge interest, not a broad public meeting, but please feel free to invite colleagues from your organizations or others in your states. We can do more public webinars to spread the word soon. If you are already engaged in organizing on the issue, please share any information you have.

Here is an article on the issue from The Guardian:

Kevin Martin, President
Peace Action and Peace Action Education Fund


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