Mission statement

The Billings Peace Seekers share a common belief that peace is possible and that a world can exist where all people live with dignity, security, and opportunity. As advocates for peace and for peaceful resolutions to conflict, the Billings Peace Seekers support:

  • education to promote awareness of diverse cultures;
  • communication which dissolves misunderstandings; and
  • nonviolent action to change unjust public policy.

Coming activities

Montana Peace Seekers Calendar

Ongoing activities

  • Monthly meetings: second Monday of each month, 7:00 pm. Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, 2032 Central Avenue.
  • Letters to the editor
  • Lobbying representatives

Past activities

  • Blanket drive for Afghanistan
  • World Peace art exhibit
  • Peace Crane project
  • Visit with Sen. Burns’ staff
  • Presentation to Sen. Baucus’ staff
  • Candlelight vigils
  • Health kits to the Iraqi people suffering from U.S. sanctions